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Poster for Feira Morta.
Martim Codax VI (2014). Work in progress.
Back in Lisbon! Here is a glimpse of what happened at the workshop in Riga - Photos by Sanita Muizniece. Thank you to all the participants, and a special hug to Sintija Lase, the Kuš! team, Marta Meloni and Rīgas Jaunieši center for making this possible!! (⬖ᴥ⬖)

Someone noticed that there are little animation prototypes in my comics!
Here are 4 panels of my comic Bilbao (2013) edited and transformed into a gif. (more previews of this comic here, here and here. It was published by CCC this year, and João Machado wrote the most insightful review I ever read about it. I’m truly honored).

«Aí ela conta uma história com duas fiadas paralelas — na parte de cima, anões conversam até que alguém traz bolo basco, e na parte baixo uma rapariga desfalece. Uma interpretação poética da estadia semestral em Bilbao, onde, por uns tempos, parecia que o tecto do mundo se ia abater-lhe sobre a cabeça.»
- João Machado

(psst… Check the work of Joana, Moxila and Hetamoé!)
Parasitical Interviews #03 (2014). Grayscale version of my illustration (sketch here) for a lovely and super cool small publication designed and published by Desisto (thank you so much Margarida and Ricardo!). It was printed by Hato Press using a fluorescent pink, nham! Sweet! I can’t wait to see it by myself!
Flyer/Poster for Radošā darbnīca “ComiX4= Komiksi vienlīdzībai”! More info on the kuš! blog and fb page.
25 abril (2014). Comissioned drawing - in progress?
I don’t have a scanner anymore, so I had to work on this commission almost entirely on computer. I still don’t feel comfortable working like this, I never know when the drawing is finished… is it?… hmm… This summer is going to be challenging.
Más Grandes y Viejos (2013). Cover.
It’s really fulfilling to receive feedback, read comments and blog posts about work I did a year ago. So many things changed and evolved since then. They don’t need me anymore, those independent little things. But still, it’s so nice when they pay me a visit, like I’m their old grandma.
Roger Omar sent a letter to Meathaus.
Zainab Akhtar comment on Comics&Cola.
Nuno Pereira da Sousa wrote about the ComiX4= exhibition in Beja and reviewd my work.

Random Pages. Part XXXVI.
And this is the front. Back here!
Martim Codax VI (2014). Sketch for a silkscreen poster.
Photo of the Grrrl Riot group exhibition ‘Cocktail’ by Luis Moreira.